Thursday, January 29, 2009

Temporary Hiatus

Taking a break for a week or two. Don't expect a map until 6.60 at the earliest. =)


Overflow said...

Have a good rest dude, you totally deserve and need it. =)

MaktorTheSentinel said...

yah you deserve it, we are all satisfied with your work!


gatx103 said...

yeah, you deserve as much rest as you like, you really deserve it!

thnx for all the hard work!

you rock dude!


E†N|Eden said...

They're right dude..
Have a good rest..

I like your AI+ Maps!!

Thanx for the AI and all of the Legacy heroes of course..

MaktorTheSentinel said...

and we dont need 6.59b that has only the fkn retard TC quest, that i did and its not exciting, its very boring :P

Co2Noss said...

Awesome! Can't wait for your next release! Take a nice long deserved break and come back pumped and ready to go! :D