Friday, January 2, 2009

Dude, where's my map? you may have noticed, it is now the new year. Happy new year! =) Unfortunately, though I had hoped I'd be able to get Rev. 3 out before the fireworks and fancy light shows (or however you ushered in the new year), it obviously didn't happen. =/

Three things have been hanging up progress:
1) I still can't figure out why super creeps won't move. Not a big deal to me, but apparently a big enough deal for multiple people to have e-mailed me about this issue already (I didn't even know multiple people played -sc).
2) I haven't gotten around to sorting out the map strings so that the people who wanted to translate the map could do so without wading through my extra strings for the extra content that shouldn't be around in the "official" release. As you can probably tell from the incremental map, there are a lot of extra strings.
3) It's been the holidays and I've been lazy.

On the upside, I've fixed the neutrals spawning issue at 0:30, and added Conjurer to the Fun Tavern. Woohoo!


Firehero : Lord of Flames said...

First comment!

Don't worry take your time! ;)

vash said...

lol'd @ reason #3.

so honest =))