Monday, December 22, 2008

Update (or lack thereof)

Yeah, I haven't touched the map recently. The holidays and all. Also, there's almost half a meter of snow outside. But not to worry, I still intend on getting Rev. 3 out before the end of the year. Ideally I'd also like to add Conjurer to the Fun Tavern, but summoning heroes take bloody forever to add without the Map Editor (Old Pudge took me waaaay longer than it should have).

Also, looks like I didn't fully remove my work-in-progress hero (Ramza) from the incremental map like I wanted to. Instead of modifying the tavern to remove the hero (the right way) I decided to just make the hero unavailable at startup (the lazy way), but the lazy way doesn't account for the fact that the Fun Taverns are repopulated with -repick (even though I modified -repick to do just that). Oops.

Consider it a sneak preview, then. I'm still working out some more abilities and job classes, as well as infrastructure for secondary skill selection (anyone who's played Final Fantasy Tactics will know what I'm talking about). I'm hoping to finish him soon, he's the most ambitious endeavour I've tried in the context of DotA to date. Even if he is broken as all hell.


Alexander said...

Will you update incremental map as well? New heroes and items are awesome though some of them are too much imbalanced. Are you interested in suggestions for this version?

vash said...

So for all this time, Ramza is actually there?? how could I missed him :lol:

I've only tried him for lvl 3 knight. The random 1-to-max-HP dmg and the healing-while-running skill are really imba as hell :D:D

I'm looking forward to try another job.

Jai said...

i dont see you are adding new ai either in Naix, Invoker and so on. But you are currently focusing on adding old heroes in fun tavern. For me, what interest me the most will be seeing Kael's ai that can fully utilize all of its 10 invoke skills. That will be awesome.

Overflow said...

Jai, you shouldn't expect BMP to add an AI for any hero. All he can do at the moment is port map changes to a 6.48b AI+ map.

BMP, I envy you; it never snows in my damned city. =( Also, looking forward to a complete Ramza, I've played him lots of times in several betas and he's very cool. :D

Anonymous said...

It's already new year... --;