Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More lack of update

The only thing I've done recently is finish up Ramza. Broken as all hell, but the system in place for this hero is almost enough to run an entirely different map. Maybe I should make a map from scratch, that could be a fun project for a while.

Still on the fence in terms of actual AI progress. I've half-started a new AI and half-started deobfuscating the existing script. And honestly, I'm half-ready to quit altogether. I'm getting a bit sick of the whining and the bitching. I don't even play DotA regularly anymore. Why do I bother spending so much of my free time putting effort into something I don't even enjoy anymore and putting up with the whining that I never enjoyed in the first place?

I think I need a vacation. A long one. This is starting to become a burden instead of a joy for me, and that's not a good thing.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fun Taverns

So, in the Fun Taverns (with the legacy heroes), we currently have:

-Old Invoker (6.12b)
-Old Lifestealer (6.48b)
-Old Silencer (6.12b)
-Old Morphling (5.84b)
-Old Stealth Assassin (5.84b)
-Old Pudge (5.51)
-Old Chen (5.64)
-Old Medusa (5.84b)

-Gambler (6.06)
-Void Demon (3.0d)
-Rider (5.72)
-God of Wind (6.01)
-Flame Lord (5.51)
-Avatar of Vengeance (6.32b)
-Astral Trekker (3.0d)
-Bat Rider (6.00)
-Conjurer (5.51)

I want to add Old Storm Spirit (6.57b), Old Undying (6.57b), and the version of Morphling that can change attributes to the Remade tavern.

This means that there is one spot left for a remade hero, and three spots left for extinct heroes. I have half a mind to get rid of Void Demon and Astral Trekker because, let's face it, they're stupid heroes. That would make five spots for extinct heroes.

I may combine the attribute-change Morphling with the spell-change Morphling using a similar selection algorithm as the one that's been proposed for Formless, in which case there would be two spots left for remade heroes (and possibly multiple iterations of other previously remade/extinct heroes?)

So...for you people who want to see old heroes:



Fill in the blanks. No polls, I'm picking the ones I like. =P