Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Time for an update

Since it's been a while, heh. I've had quite a few free cycles recently to work on the script, and have been doing so. Unfortunately, there's just so much to do. =/ I haven't had a chance to finish rewriting certain parts, but script integration has been going fantastically. Though I haven't finished with a large part of the script (including the part where the heroes use their abilities, haha), I do have a basic 6.60b version of the map where the AI will behave as they did in previous versions, though without using many of their new abilities.

Come to think of it, that's not all that dissimilar from those old AI injection maps. Then again, what I'm doing isn't all that dissimilar from AI injection. Heh.

Anyway, still quite a ways to go before this is anywhere near finished, but if people really just want to play with 6.60b features against supremely stupid bots (except for the heroes that haven't changed since 6.59), I can probably put up an unfinished map sometime soon. I'd like to at least finish rewriting the levelling system and possibly rethinking the item purchasing system I currently have in place, but we'll see.

I have seen the OMG map floating around and know that some people have been asking for its addition. In reality, it's probably not all that difficult...I took a look, and mechanic used to assign abilties is an adaptation of the mechanism I created for Formless, so it should be pretty easy to modify my functions to make it work for a hypothetical OMG mode. Realistically though this is pretty low on my list of things to do at the moment.

Anyway, that's that. Haven't updated the counter in a while, I have some 60+ new messages in my inbox that are variants of the same question that I'll eventually have to sort through.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Spam Spam Spam!

Woohoo, I've won 750,000 GBP! Three times!


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Damn I'm lucky. =P I especially like the second one, where the "Status" field has conveniently been filled for me with the word "yes".