Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More lack of update

The only thing I've done recently is finish up Ramza. Broken as all hell, but the system in place for this hero is almost enough to run an entirely different map. Maybe I should make a map from scratch, that could be a fun project for a while.

Still on the fence in terms of actual AI progress. I've half-started a new AI and half-started deobfuscating the existing script. And honestly, I'm half-ready to quit altogether. I'm getting a bit sick of the whining and the bitching. I don't even play DotA regularly anymore. Why do I bother spending so much of my free time putting effort into something I don't even enjoy anymore and putting up with the whining that I never enjoyed in the first place?

I think I need a vacation. A long one. This is starting to become a burden instead of a joy for me, and that's not a good thing.


Shin.Vodk4 said...

Well i don't think a long vacation will make the boredom and sickening go away :p, when hobby becoming routinity (plus with what you mentioned whining and bitching) it will still become a boring thing.

Unless you find something that interesting, intrigue and make you curious in dota again, it will stay as an uninteresting thing.

If think make your own map would be a fun thing, go ahead with it :) it might clear things up, and who knows that your map will becoming a hit like dota :)

Co2Noss said...

Then take a break man, who cares about all the people complaining because they can't train with the new heroes or play computers? The AI is never perfect anyway and never will be because humans way of thinking...trails off..

But yeah I think a map that YOU make from scratch would be cool. You could do new tilesets and everything!

gatx103 said...

take a break if u want man. .
it's not surprising that a guy would get fed up like that with all the bitchin n stuff. .
and yeah..somehow dota has been quite boring..for me that is. .kind of like just playing for the sake of it, out of habit. .6.60 might probably boost my interest. .and anyway, just do what you want to do man, the world cant stop you whether you want some long rest or stop makin ai altogether. .youve been a big part of all dota players whether they realize it or not. .

Michael said...

Take a break if you need it man, you've done too much for this community for free anyway. We don't want to pressure you to regularly keep us with AIs on latest maps. You've done a really excellent job man, catching what's left behind Cloud's and RGB's works.

I hope a break would do you great. But I also hope that you would not totally lose interest in making these unique AI maps, now that you've already made something MORE than just the porting. Well, i dunno about the whiners... But I suppose there are a lot more people who appreciate your work than those who complain about it. Don't let'em bring you down mate, futile comments shouldn't hurt a well-crafted work appreciated by the community. Hope you'll find back the joy in doing it, we're here to help you with ideas to keep it interesting. ;)

NoThlnG said...

another break after cloud_str and lazyfiend......

and both of them didn't comeback. I don't think you'll be comeback if you take a break...

yeah, but as u are u, do what u want...

Alexander said...

As a programmer I understand you. It would be nice to see completely new map where you will not be bound with existing idea and framework. But please inform us about it and make it open source.
Personally I'm too lazy/busy to investigate(especially via reverse engineering) existing AI framework but do not mind to practice with fuzzy logic in new clear environment.

Shahroozُُ said...

Have Fun :P

Dwayne said...

Whining and bitching aside, there are alot of us who enjoy your maps man. My bro, cousin and I enjoy playing your maps on a weekend together against those ai and it's become our tradition to do it.

If you decide you need to take a break, I guess that's something you gotta do but maybe you should toy around with the idea of making your own map as well, just a thought.

screwthepap said...

Sounds like a case of burnout. You need a break, and perhaps some assistants to delegate work to.

One thing I find interesting about AI is that it is very predictable. They gank at the right time, push together at the right time, item build a certain way, use skills in a certain frequency and order, dodge with a precise timing etc.

It seems too perfect. Even the most capable human players sometimes screw up. When AI has learnt and duplicated this room for human error and variance, it will be perfect.

Of course, it will be impossible to have a learning AI, you only can write a very good AI, set it as 'Insane' mode, then dumb it down a few notches for 'Normal' and 'Easy'.

Just take it easy for now, 6.59d was just released and 6.60 will be released soon(next month?) according to Icefrog.

Your work is much appreciated.

Sam said...

Hey dude, whatever you do, don't feel like you're unappreciated! There will always be jerks out there but they are only a small (but unfortunately the loudest) portion of people that play your maps. I wouldn't be half the DotA player I am now without spending hours getting to know the Heroes by playing them on your maps against AI. All my DotA playing friends prefer to play the AI version of the maps than play against humans (which of course is only made possible through your hard work). I'm the only one of them that actually spends time playing the original (non AI) maps :P
But yea, I'm also a programmer and would be keen as to help you make another map (which I assume will be DotA-like), I've implemented several hero test maps myself so if that's the sort of thing you're wanting to do then count me in!

vash said...

I don't know a toaster company can bring that much stress =p

Overflow said...

I share the opinion of many of the bloggers that posted so far; take a break. If you don't miss DotA ever again, so be it, quit. No one should do anything just out of self obligation, especially for free.

I hope you find something that you really enjoy soon. =)

Shin.Vodk4 said...

Starcraft II or Diablo III

*Roarrrr* :) hopefully blizzard will release it soon.

it's a never ending waiting thing X-(

Евгений said...

Donation will give U motivation ;)

Myraq Moonfall said...

I agree with them, take a break if you feel like it. The maps you made are appreciated here (they are much better than having to play with leavers online... AI's don't leave if they are losing... nor do they brag if they win). Anyway, the incremental maps you made are pretty cool (I'm actually playing the 6.57 ai incremental map even if there is an ai map for 6.59).

Hurricane Frash said...

hey sup man,

i just wanted you to know, that you are under absolutely no obligation whatsoever to continue the updates. nor should you feel discouraged about all the naysayers and whatnot. i said it before, and i'll say it again, you rock at programming and don't listen to anybody else tell you otherwise. and...anyway, i personally feel that there are other important things in life, ya know (hint, hint)? =)

IMO, dota indeed has gotten a bit boring. when i first started playing, the version was 6.34 two years ago. and now...its up to 6.59. lots and lots of changes have happened, and i guess maybe we all got turned off by those changes. but who knows.

god bless,


Alexander said...

Myraq Moonfall, why do you play incremental 6.57 if there is incremental 6.59? Looks like you've missed this post with download link:

DotA Allstars 6.59 AI+ (20090227)
It has great -fm and improved(but still not completed) Ramza

BTW, buffmeplz could you please upload version with completed Ramza (according to "I've done recently is finish up Ramza")? It would be nice to try ninja job.

Alief said...

Just wanna share with you.. I'm the owner of a Dota blog with more than 5000 visitor a day. And a whiner is absolutely be a part of them. And recently, i found a reason why IceFrog doesn't publish any comment on his blog. Because whiner won't do you any good and just make your motivation. My suggestion is, take a break. And if you already feel good, post your map only on the Dota-Allstars forums. There are many friends that will support you from whiner like Vash, Overflow and even GreenSliche.. and me of course :)

Internet is like a big place without any rule ~_~;; That's why we need moderators on forums :)

Cheers mate!

Best Regards,
Dota-Allstars Blog Owner

Monty said...

Then just take a break from the AI maps. Whatever your decision is, your contribution to the DotA community is always appreciated. As much as I'd like to see your own AI, I do understand that you have your own life and guys like me sitting around downloading AI maps should never complain.

Just want to wish you all the best in your life. We will miss you always.