Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hm, forgot to post this here

Ah well, by now you should have all figured out it's April Fool's Day, so go out and fool someone.

Anyway, here's the link to the latest "Rev. AWESOME" I posted on the forums, it's basically the incremental map, though it does include a fully completed Ramza character (with 20 classes, woohoo!).

Progress has slowed considerably, as I'm taking quite a bit more time to do other things in my life. Realistically though, it's tough for me to give up on this, haha. I'm working on deobfuscating the AI script, as working on my own script is making me realise just how much work went into the original script (thanks to both cloud_str and RGB) and it would be somewhat foolish to disregard everything they've done to date in making a script of my own.

So...perhaps finally sitting down and understand what the hell is going on and making changes to that script may be a more pertinent course of action. And one that will take a long, long time. =P

Anyway, map can be downloaded at the following links, have fun!


Joel said...

Yaaaay Ramza

I'm glad that you're sticking with it, and that you're going to be pacing yourself a bit more. Hopefully you'll stick with it! :)

luffy said...

i always appreciate your map BMP...good to see the new map from you..nice one!!!

Overflow said...

Glad to read that you're not feeling as fed up as before. =) Keep in mind though, no matter how much work went into the original one, it's no one's obligation to maintain it, not in my opinion at least.


Robert said...

Thanks a lot BMP! I really love playing Ramza because he has SO many interesting skills. Glad to see him finished.

Take your time with the ai maps. I'm really grateful for all the work you've put into these maps.

MaktorTheSentinel said...

BuffMePlz, now you will have to put Bat Rider in "Old tavern" instead of "Extinct"


anwyays, keep up with the good work!

Shin.Vodk4 said...

nice to read your post :) sound like you have fun or in a good mood.

hehe april fool ;p

- micro - said...

Glad to hear you back as well! And much more better.:D

And as you now go deeper into the AI scripting, I hope Cloud_str or RGB would communicate back to you, to help you out with figuring out how the code goes, at least. Just hoping. :)

craperdude said...

Thanks for the "Awesome" map BMP. :)
Really appriciate your works.Keep up the good work

BtW nice to see you posting new maps again :)

Thiago said...

yeeeaaaahh!!! Ramza is cool!
Thanks bmp!!! This is a good map!
Ican you repeat this revision on other maps with others version of 6.60!


Hank said...

Simply put, I pass the time playing this map. Persuasive is simply ridiculous, but ridiculous-ness is fun.
Ramza is well thought-out, the only problem is that some of the high-tier classes require delving into classes a bit too deep. For example, it's near impossible to realistically get the Death Knight within a normal game.
Sven's red brother who I have forgotten his name, has a cool concept with getting mad damage for assists and stuff, but his nukes seem like forced synergy and his ultimate is too short to be extremely useful.
Cloud is just hilarious. I jump up and stun, then summon a kabillion meteors from the heavens to smash the enemy. Blade Beam is too weak to be of use.
These are just my opinions on some of the heroes in the map. Great job nonetheless, I love playing it.