Wednesday, April 15, 2009

From the Mailbag

Got this e-mail today:

"Здравствуйте, Shyguysonstilts.

Это ведь вы импортируете ботов в доту?
скажите плз, на какой сайт вы закидываете карты с ботами в 1-ю

I don't speak Russian, so I popped it in Babelfish ( I got this:

"How do you do, Shyguysonstilts. This indeed you do import boats overshoes in for reinforced-concrete pillbox? say [plz], to which site you fill up maps with the boats overshoes in the 1st turn."

Online translators make me happy.


Co2Noss said...

This what I got from Google

Hello, Shyguysonstilts.

This is because you are importing bots in dota?
OWL tell at what site you cast card with bots in the 1-st

Agnar said...

Indeed, online translators can be a good source of entertainment. Here's a proper translation of the e-mail in case anyone wants to know:

"Hello. You are the person who imports AI to DotA, am I correct? Please tell me the name of the site you first upload the AI maps to."

Alexander said...

Online translators had no chance cause original text uses slang and transliterrations instead of correct russian. Google translation looks quite impressive.

Kadd said...

Oh god that made me lol.

- micro - said...

I wonder how the DOTA word and AI word got translated by babelfish. ROFL!!!

Google Translate on the other hand, can be improved by users, by letting them send suggestions on a certain phrase. That way Google Translate could be improved, or could be vandalized. lol

Кук said...

wow, i think i`m the only russian person who read this blog )

Vivian Salvatore said...

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