Monday, June 8, 2009

Yeah, I'm still here

Been a while since any sort of update or progress, I guess. Life's been busy, and that usually takes first priority =P

But I'm still here, and working on the map when I can. As for 6.60, sounds like things are going to be overhauled like crazy. I think I'd prefer to try to finish isolating the script and then integrate it with the 6.60 map, instead of the normal porting. This will probably take a lot longer, but it should be quite a bit more stable. There's a lot of legacy code that's being carried from version to version that would need to be cropped out, but it would probably be more effective to get the script into the new version.

We'll see. Doing it this way will make a cleaner version, but will take a lot longer.


Alief said...

Wow, i'm glad you decide to keep make the AI. After foreseing the major changes on 6.60, i can't imagine how much changes you will do to port the map ~_~;;

Anyway, i'm happy to hear that :)
Good luck ;)

h4ir3e hu3ain3e said...

all said by Alief..

wishing good luck and cant wait for new 6.60 =)

ShotokanTuning said...


6.60 is a big change so everyone with intelligence will be happy to wait and do so with patience, at least when portraying it to the outside. :)

I'm really impressed with the work you've done up till now and can only guess about the wonderful things you will be able to do when you finish your first selfmade AI code base.

There is a special map released which features Random Skills, or OMG mode for Dota 6.59d, it's a lot of random fun, but it's imbalanced in all ways. A good AI is balanced but could offer some fun modes for laughs. Your -fun and other modes are a really nice addon and shows you have that worked out very well.

What do you think is the best way of incorporating the AI maps with online play? The maps you made were running online up till the latest Warcraft III patch. Which was a great option for beginning players as well as offering a lot of fun to seasoned players.

Thanks for all the great maps you've made up till now.

Appreciate the blog update!


BMP fan said...

Sounds good BMP. I'm glad you're still willing to take time away from your life to make ours a little better. Take care.

Christoph said...

Cool! Thx alot!

Take your time! After reading the changelog & taking a quick look at the map, I thought "OMG, I have to relearn everything..." ;-)

Monty said...

fortunately I'm not in a hurry to try out the new 6.60. way too many things to explore and get used to. So take you time bmp.
I'll look up your blog on a frequent basis though:)

bastard said...

I just wanted to say thank you, for always coming out with AI maps for the DOTA commnunity.

Definitely 6.60 AI's gonna take a while, and good luck on it. :)

Appreciate the work you put in.

Call-Me-Kenneth said...

used to check your blog a lot, missed it a couple of days and now 6.60 is out D:

nice to see tou still at it. :)

David said...

Thanks for the update BMP! Me and my friends really appreciate your effort.

The_Deceptive said...


You've done an fantastic job so far, and I'm sure you can do a great job with 6.6 as well.
I hope this new v. wont give you too much trouble, and hoping for a AI version soon(Not too soon though^^).

Cheers for BMP and his Patience!!!


El Rey aka King Magpayo said...

hi bmp.. hahaha.. i never thought that you had this kind of blogsite for dota,, ive been seeing your name active in forums at dotaportal. haha.. BTW keep it up.. hehe

Jon Vegard said...

I really appreciate your work!
Without AI Maps - no practice for me.