Monday, December 15, 2008

By the way...

It should go without saying, but don't discuss this map on the official DotA-Allstars forums. You will get in trouble (and I might too!). If you want to discuss, feel free to add comments to the map post.

Also, before anybody posts any accusatory remarks, all hero designs were made up by either myself or my friends, and no, nobody "stole your idea". Though if you know who made that Cloud model do let me know, I downloaded the model a long time ago and it wasn't credited to anybody (shame, it's a fantastic piece of work). If you know who made it, let me know, as I'd love to give credit where it's due.

There are a few references in the stuff I added. +10 points if you get them all. I'll post about them later probably.


Overflow said...

References? Hmm, I'll start looking. xD

I think you're overreacting a little by thinking you might get in trouble if someone posts about the map in the DA forums. The worst thing that may happen is a PM from a mod asking to not discuss an unofficial map and that PM will of course go to the person posting about it.

You're doing an awesome work dude. =)

BuffMePlz said...

Mm, perhaps, but holy-vash said I should probably ask people not to post on the forums about this and I agree with him that it's probably a good idea to keep this off the boards.

This also means I have more license to do crazy stuff here without fear of repercussion. =D

Overflow said...

You are right asking people to not post about the map in the forums, but for their own sake, not yours. xD

And yeah, more crazy stuff is welcome. Sephiroth for example.

By the way, here are some references I've found.

1) Final Fantasy (Cloud Strife, Templar, Beowulf's Spellblade, Dragonkin Reis, Cleric)

2) Beowulf (Templar's name refers to an old English heroic poem, also a movie)

3) Star Trek (Ensign Ricky, Terran)

4) Starcraft (Koprulu Sector, Terran)

5) Heroes of Might and Magic (Cleric, Nighon, Erathia, Loynis)

6) Puff the Magic Dragon (an old song, the hero's description is the starting lyrics except for the eating part xD)

7) Boomerwang (possible movie reference)

8) Petey the Penguin

I'm probably missing a lot since Cleric and Templar may refer to a gazillion games, mainly RPGs (Everquest etc).