Monday, December 8, 2008

Yay blog yay

So I decided that I should probably create one of these blog thingies so people can know what's going on with the whole AI porting/Fun Tavern without me having to fill up the forum threads with useless posts.

This, however, seems like a fantastic place for useless posts.

So, things that will probably appear on this blog sometime in the future:
-Updates (obviously)
-Some explanations on triggers I write/modify and how they work, maybe somebody will find them useful and be our next AI scripter (one can hope)
-Map downloads, possibly including in-progress maps and the map with which I've added several extra heroes and items because I spent a lot of time on them and I'd like to share with people but I know it'd be shot down fairly quickly over on the DotA Allstars forums
-Anything else I find interesting to share, which may or may not be DotA-related

For future reference, the map without my stuff in it will be referred to as the "normal" map. The one with my stuff in it will be the "special" map. I can't use the phrase "official" because technically neither map is official.

I'm hoping to get 6.57b Rev. 3 (normal) out before the end of the year. I think some DotACN people wanted to translate it, but there's a lot of extra crap that's in the map right now (content from my special map which is in the normal map but locked), so I'm working on taking it out, as it takes up space and lots of strings but has no bearing on map functionality. This also means that you can expect to see some reduced map size in Rev. 3 (for those people who care about that kind of thing).

Made some fixes to Formless for Rev. 3. Added a dynamic trigger system that allows custom orbs and most triggered passives to be copied, and working slowly toward complete compatibility with all heroes (though I wouldn't expect to see this completely done for a while). Copying Meld no longer gives you that speed bonus - a bug that's a result of using a custom ability used by one of my custom heroes (good thing it wasn't one of the other ones...those tend to be on the "imba" side). I'll probably post a copy of my special map sometime this week, if enough people are interested.

I guess I should go ahead and make the existence of this blog known to those people in the AI subforum. Bug reports should still go there.

DotA-Allstars Forums, AI subforum:

And yes, I realise this blog currently looks like crap. Hooray for default templates.


Overflow said...


I mean, hi. You can count on me wanting that special map as usual. :P

ChaL said...

Hi i'm here

_Blazechicken_ said...

Hello everyone ^^

Hugues said...

WoW...I mean WOOOW !
The special map seems interesting !

Overflow said...

The special map is awesome, BMP's heroes are amazingly fun. xD Looking forward to an updated one!