Saturday, January 17, 2009

Almost there!

Things left to do (that may or may not be in before Rev. 1):
-Experimental -switch command
-Changes to -vr/-mr
-New -mines and -mc commands
-Misc sounds (-quote sounds from 6.57b, fun sound for techies)
-Some bug fixes
-Replay stuff (I don't care about this and it probably will never make it in)

I'll probably be testing this with some buddies over the weekend. Unless we find something completely gamebreaking, we should have some form of the map up for download by the end of the weekend. =)


Gustavo said...


Overflow said...

Awesome! May the beta stage go smoothly. =)

Firehero : Lord of Flames said...

erm question, what would happen to the original -mc command(modifed Super Creeps)???

BuffMePlz said...

The -mc commands shouldn't conflict, as one is a game mode (modified super creeps) and the other is a global in-game command (multicast rate). The two are used in different triggers so there should be no problem.

...I think. I guess we'll find out soon. =P

DotA-Allstars said...

hey buffmeplz i am adding your updates frequently on my blog of your maps!

override182 said...

erm.. 6.58b is out edi... i guess bmp can skip 6.58 n go straight to 6.58b..

Tan said...

bmp...we all waiting ur work...
so...can u be faster a little bit....><

Warrition said...


Your post is a little bit insulting. Sure we are all anxious for the map, but this is just a side project for BMP (and unpaid, nonetheless). Just wait patiently.