Monday, January 12, 2009

Here's the plan...for now

6.58 is out, and I've started some of the porting work over (but probably won't be done for a while). However, I'll probably use 6.57b for my own AI tinkering, so any potential proof-of-concept maps will be with 6.57b.

I'll try to keep up porting in the meantime, so the community will at least have something to play/practice/pwn bots on. I doubt I'll be able to maintain two separate maps in the long run though, so we'll see how this project turns out.

I'll probably post an incremental map for 6.57b later today.


override182 said...

may i know wuts the meaning of "incremental map".. lol.. a noobish question i guess but plz do tell me cuz i wanna know.. hehe

two separate maps that u mean is it will be a ported standard AIplus map that u usually do and also an "incremental" or ur own AImap (non ported.. urself made) ..

keep up the good work.. wishing the best of u in 2009 and maybe this year is a good start for a new AIplus version..

ChaL said...

Well good to hear there's a coming ported 6.58 AI+
Coz' as you said I can only test new map with AI rather than human.

BTW i'll wait for the next incremental build of yours.
I hope the previous bugs on your last incremental build are fixed in the next version.

Patricio said...

if you ever have to choose between keep porting or your own AI, please chose the later. <3