Saturday, September 26, 2009

Formless 2.0

After spending some time today refactoring the AI script, I decided to take a break and rethink the Formless hero that I implemented a while back. Long story short, several hours later I've finished a (mostly) working and improved version of Formless.

I ended up reorganising the code by a significant amount, and the resulting code is more efficient and easier to use. The biggest change is the ability to now choose which individual skill to reset, if so desired. You can right-click on the reset button to change the reset button to only reset a single skill (cycling through the four base abilities, then back to the option to reset all).

On top of that, the error messages are much more informative now; if you try to copy an ability that currently isn't supported, the message will notify you of which ability you tried to copy. If you try to copy an ability with an order already used (while -override is off) it will let you know which ability is conflicting.

And I decided to throw all semblence of balance out the window for this because, let's face it, the ability to combine skills of multiple heroes on the fly will never be balanced, ever. So, in order to maximise fun and flexibility, I removed the cooldown on all Reset functions (individual or all).

Haven't quite finished getting it up to compatibility levels of previous versions (so some abilities aren't working yet like Impetus and Last Word) but I expect I'll finish most of these by the time I release the next version. =)