Thursday, September 3, 2009

DotA Allstars 6.62 AI 0.21

First release, updated to 6.62 and 1.24 compliant. Note that this is v0.21, and there will be bugs.

Some abilities are not working for bots yet (they learn them but don't use them), and this is expected and will be addressed in future versions.

The following game modes have been disabled for now:
-vr, -rv, -rd, -cd, -cm, -lm, -xl

The following game commands have been disabled for now:
-afk, -kickafk, -ah, -switch, -fun

Please report bugs to me.

Things that are bugs:
-Crashes with reproducible reasons
-Abilities/items not working as expected (for players or bots)

Things that are not bugs:
-Bots not using certain abilities
-Bots being too strong/weak/cheating. They do that.

Thanks to Overflow_GR for his help on this version.



Calcium said...


Finally, it's time to upgrade to 1.24 from 1.23. I've been waiting for a long time. Thanks for the upload BMP!

Joon Kiat said...


white said...

THIRD COMMENT!!! FINALLY... THX BMP FOR YOUR EFFORTS, 1 question, the skills that ai will not used are the new skill from 6.60 right? BTW NICE JOB :)

Alief said...

Nice! :)

white said...

Errhmm..1st i used WC3 v1.22 and the map won't work, so i use my v1.24.0.6372 and that map won't work too.... can someone solve this?

Joon Kiat said...

armm u use version switcher???
if yes u may need to patch manually. w/o using version switcher.
if NO then try patching it to

JimmY said...

Thanks a zillion!!!!! I've played it... finally.

Overflow said...

Cheers! :)

Cp6uja said...

Good luck BMP with further development!


~Lie-Fu-Lung~ said...

this map need warcraft v1.24.1.6372. below version can't use this map.

josephting said...

Awesome job BMP!!

ferpadro said...

I'm having the same problem as White, i have 1.24 patch, downloaded de AI map and saved it into /maps/download but it doesn't let me choose any allied nor enemy computer. Anyone can give me a hint on how to fix this?

Eggs Maledict said...

Having the same issues as White and Ferpadro. Can't choose any AI players...

K0CH said...

maps dont show up for me either, using .. updated from bnet....

Ian said...

works for me! thanks!

I used 1.24b and played in single player.

David said...


Suen Johan said...

Thanks buffmeplz, for all your hard work in bringing joy to Bnetizens everywhere!

sempavieh said...

I'm wondering where i can email you some Beta-testing results.
If you don't want any, just leave me a hint ^^

sempavieh said...

btw. i like the new map and your work :D just want to help you to make it more awesome ;)

Eggs Maledict said...

Got it working now - many thanks.

skyla11377 said...



Woon said...

thanx alot Buzzmeplz!!
i have waited this for so long!

matheus said...

Thx man!! Finaly I going to see the 6.60+ version of DOTA!!!

ferpadro said...

Eggs_Maledict, can you post what did you do to get it working?

ShotokanTuning said...


Thanks man, you have just made the 1.24b patch a lot more fun.


Hiroga Katageri said...

I have found some kind of bug though i dont know id it is a bug... well anyway while playing through 52 mins of a game playing bloodseeker my equipment are power treads, battle fury, double vanguards, then when I tried to buy a Sacred Relic it shows critical error: no more available groups, but I could still continue the game, then I saw somehow the neutral creeps have changed color from plain green to orange then sometimes red then I tried killing the orange & red neutral creeps on the map & still its shows it keeps on repeating critical error, then later I made a Radiance & still it didnt work. thats all to report.

benibarrabaja said...

I got the same bug than Hiroga Katageri in the 2nd game I played.
It happened after an ultra kill (don't know if it really has to do with the bug), but some seconds later it suddenly started to say "CRITICAL ERROR: FOUND NO AVAILABLE GROUPS" again and again... until the game finished (that still continued putting it).
Anyway the map is pretty correct to be the first one.

Shiphire said...

Thanks for ur time and sacrifice.

anhar08 said...

First 1.24b Dota AI map! Thanks BMP. Btw, I want to report some bug:
- As you say, some abilities and items aren't work as expected. Mekansm is the example.
- Scourge/Sentinel creeps are stronger if fighting against hero.

If I got some other bugs, I will report them. Go go BMP!

eggssandwich said...

hey BMP! thx alot alot for the map!! here to report smth abt the bottle, it's either after a first refill off a rune or by clicking the bottle and then clicking the fountain, the bottle can no longer store runes, but it'll still refill.. anws, fantastic AI!! work hard yea!!

bastard said...

Awesome. Many thanks!

John said...

Thanks a lot!!! I love your ai versions.

DAVIIIIID (Intake) said...

- Techies suicide glitches the game. He needs to buy back in.
- When ais gank, I get fatal errors.


Co2Noss said...

Sweet! been waiting a long time to say this!

Thanks BMP and everyone working on this project! If I find any bugs I'll email you :)

S.Aratato said...

Hi there,

BMP, there is a bug that I encounter while playing the map. When I type (-apnengnn), followed by (-pe) and (-random), the first random hero of Scourge will spawn in my base, and picking or randoming other AI heroes are not allowed.

Hope you read this,

^ said...

Fatal error stops nearly every game I've played (so far about 9 out of 10). I have not been able to complete a single game as Jakiro or Traxex so far. The cause is unknown as it seems to happen randomly. In 6.52 AI version, fatal errors would occur, but very rarely (maybe once in every 10 or so games).
Bug from 6.52 AI:
Don't know if this is fixed yet but AI Terrorblade used to mess up from time to time, dropping his items in the fountain area and not picking them back up.

Thanks for your time and effort, BMP.

Wally said...

-ma command does not work.

^ said...

Frozen Throne turned invulnerable for no apparent reason. Also, right before this happened, the game became slower and slower. Perhaps one of the triggers is causing the game to use more and more memory.

sempavieh said...

Ok i hope this isn't too long for the comment-system. This is a list of bugs/gameplay problems me and my friends came across in the last days enjoying your newest work:

Gameplay problems:

- slight delay even in singleplayer (maybe a laggy code)
- fatal error when someone prematurely leaves the game or gets disconnected from internet
- saved replays sometimes do NOT show the game you played before (o.O)

General Bot problems:
- bots keep skipping cooldowns (using long CD Ultimates twice, tested with Abaddon who activated his ultimate 3! times in one attack)

- bad situational awareness (lowlevel bots get greedy on kills they cant make in years, bots run into wrong direction (my tower) to dodge spells)

- bots too easy to harass (run to next tower when shot at sometimes)

- bots run from "invisible" threats like people coming through the woods, or delay-spells (like Lina/Leshrac stun)

- bots DO NOT run from "visible" threats like Ancestral Spirit + Stomp, Bloodhoof Ultimate, Batrider Firefly burning areas

individual Bot Problems

- Magnataur autocasts his buff to creeps
- Venomancer itembuild ineffective (BoT after Wraithbands ...)
- Enigma does not use his Ultimate/Midnight Pulse/ Conversion

- Batrider just left a stun after 1 sec (shud've stunned him for another 2) // casts his ultimate on creeps // does not learn and use the other 2 skills

- Bonefletcher doesnt skill Firearrows / shoots on creeps while engaged in 1on1 hero battles.

- Soulkeeper keeps sucking life although he is getting much more damage than he is healing

Thats it for now. Hope this is helping you a little to keep track of the many problems you may encounter.
Just know we just love your work and would like to see it more awesome.
Have a nice time :)

Misfortune said...

Shadow Priest's Ultimate doesn't reduce enemy armor and increase ally armor

x1_alphalapd said...

to mr. read bmp's release notes b4 u type the long comment of BUGS. he did say things that r not bugs r ai too strong...too weak....cheating(means use skill with shorter cd)...he say those arent all those long stuffs that u put there...r basically crap...too bad for b4 post next time..

sempavieh said...

to mr.alpha-idiot:

i read what he wrote. but if you read my post carefully i was not reporting BUGS but reporting gameplay issues/balancing ideas that should be adressed. (I did use the word BUG once and meant the real bugs mentioned in my post!!!)

Too bad for u ... just keep your mouth shut next time if you got nothing real to post ... just badmouthing other ppls efforts is no real help here

to bmp:

another list of things that might be changed for the future:

- Bots gain Gold without any reason at startup making them impossible to kill no matter how good you play (in 3on3+ very, very annoying)

- we encountered a Bug (WEEW a real one with looong hairy legs), were no Spells or Items had effects anymore, nor would you get the Items you bought! (You lost Gold but got no Item / You lost mana but did not stun, make damage, heal whatsoever)

x1_alphalapd said...

lol...watever... still...most ai behaviour r basically same from all previous ai verisons the running from threats thing and soul keeper acts that stupid way are quite the same for all the ai maps i can recall from bmp...

x1_alphalapd said...

seems i cant finish a game wif ended up wif error no matter how other hero line up n my item...

x1_alphalapd said...

batrider will ulti on creeps?lol...

anhar08 said...

To x1_alphalapd:

Mr. sempavieh doesn't report any bug but he report some AI problem. As BMP says, he allowed us to report any bugs, AI problems, or any others in this AI map. Just wait BMP's next update.

icebreaker2102 said...


There is a bug that an enemy hero will be spawned in your base when you type -random after typing -pe. One more problem is you can't select a hero after that happens!!

Zhi Wei said...

hi BMP,
i wanna say thanks for your hard work and the hard work of those you mentioned in the post, i appreciate the AI dota, as it allows me to have fun without the expense of others.

I do hope you're bringing back the -Fun on the April release, me and my friends find those heros insane (some IMBA lol) but ultimately really fun~

keep up the good work!~

Tyler said...

ok so
- i try to buy stuff later in the game and it just doesnt show up and my money disappears
- goblin techies barrels continuously show up in the same spot late in game

NOR3CA said...


Anthony said...


Thanks for all your work, great map and AI, as usual. Especially for a rough early release.

My friends and I have encountered a few bugs while playing:

1. The aformentioned critical error bug, which happens if someone quits/drops before the end of the game.

2. Omniknight's Purification ability sometimes independently triggers without causing a cooldown. I've noticed this many times when I was about to cast it on myself - it's happened at times when I've selected the ability (but no target yet), or even at times when I haven't, but was low on health/running. It leads me to believe that it might be a stray AI trigger that causes my hero to cast it on himself.

3. We've also had problems with critical errors or the "No Available Groups" message spamming the screen. They're difficult to reproduce, but tend to trigger only in late game, when an AI hero is engaging/using an ability at the beginning of a fight.

And for all of our games, we use -mcstne

Again, thanks for all the hard work, and be sure to take your time and that it remains fun! You sure are delivering fun to many people, so don't neglect yourself.

MaktorTheSentinel said...

Thanks a lot BuffMePlz and Overflow, it's an awesome map...


popop427 said...

bmp plz fix fatal error...on your AI...6.62b, f d scourge will create d game 8 will end up fatal error or wen AI accompaned by human..will end up fatal error.. tnx

Julian said...

alchemists goblins greed is buggy, if he doesn't kill something with autoattck. sometimes you get gold, sometimes you dont.
another wierd thing is, that i'm unable to buy items with the techies after playing the game for a couple of minutes. the gold drains but i get no item.

BiosPh3r3 said...

please ..we need a stable map..really need it..however..still a good job..

-map prob:
-tower regen bug (regen damn fast)
-fatal error with some hero
-red annoying error message in game
-techies can't buy
-hero doesn't respawn after dies..

OMG said...
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OMG said...

a blog about garena and warcraft

thx bmp, your ai map helps alot ppl.

jy said...

Thx bmp for this update (:

Anyway some weird stuff:
- As mentioned Techies doesn't respawn, he has to buyback;
- Kunkka's Torrent doesn't toss Morphling into the air even though the damage and slow still happen (it's just that the animation doesn't come out, so no worry);
- CRITICAL ERROR: NO AVAILABLE GROUPS FOUND happens quite often, most recently when I bought Yasha on Kunkka.

Thanks again :D Hope rev 02 comes out soon.

Blair said...

happy with the map, very rarely does it crash to desktop when im lanning with my friends.

found a bug with medusa in single player, bout 50 mins into game i died and no timer showed, nor after waiting about 2-3 mins did my hero automatically respawn, the option to buyback was there however.

qop pit clock and undying seem to be the common factor in a few crashes tho sometimes it is hard to reproduce.

HORLEY!! said...

for those who get "- CRITICAL ERROR: NO AVAILABLE GROUPS FOUND ". While waiting for the fix...just invoke "-hidemsg" and continue playing. Only thing also hides all messages from the system. But you can still continue on..hope this helps.

BMP....fantastic job...

Stephen said...

Thanks for the map and your hard work. Appreciated!

bluedragonz said...

Thanks for the AI.....
wow excellent work...

but why don't you,RGB,and cloud_str working together creating an AI. That would be so cool. Anyway that's just a suggestion...

you're good too

sorry for bad english

CR4Y said...

I just play with your new AI Map
I played with Techies
At lvl 2 I was using suicide skill
There is no death time show up
Then I bought the hero from the circle. Hero show up but I can't buy any item
I was using -apneng
and -test


bastard said...

Not sure if it's just me, but I've gotten this bug a few times with various heroes.

Halfway into the game, items aren't buyable anymore. I click on the item, the gold is spent, but the item doesn't show on the hero. Picking up items is still possible, just cannot purchase.

But regardless, thanks for the release!

alveolate said...

hey guys, for those of you who couldn't see the map appear on the map list (like me), try renaming it to a shorter name without the spaces or underscores.

i.e. DotAv6.62AI0.21.w3x

right after i did that, the map appeared in the list. -.-


while i was playing with techies with -wtf mode..
-my 1st skill is unlimited.. =.=''
-then.. when ulti.. i put the boom alot..i was waiting ai go pass.. then.. kaboom!!!!!

omg? its just an animation? hero did not die and the boom still there.. i had tried a lot of time.. =D

atanium said...

Having the same issues, can't choose any AI players...

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