Thursday, September 17, 2009

DotA Allstars 6.62b AI 0.211

Mostly just addressing bugs, will try to address some AI issues for next release.


6.62b (v0.211)
-Temporarily removed managed group system to remove critical error bugs until I get a chance to clean up group usage in the AI script
-Rewrote Liquid Fire to prevent conflict with the AI script
-Fixed a bug with Weave
-Fixed a bug with Spirit Bear losing items when the ability is levelled
-Fixed a bug with the game crashing when a human player leaves the game early
-Fixed a bug with Cold Snap not working after the first hit
-Fixed a bug with -ma


luffy said...

yeah..tq bmp..gonna try this map asap ^_^

Overflow said...

Sweet! Keep up the good work! :)

Fajar said...

hey bmp. .
that's good job at all. .

i love your creation so much,
oh yeah. . i found some bug here (previous version 'in the v.62 Ai 0.21'), that's when using rikimaru vs davion (dragon form), when rikimaru chase davion (in a low hp, in a dragon form), davion is instantly dead, i don't know why, that's freak. .
i found it in the previous version, i don't know that's bug is still running in this version or not, hopely you can fix it in your next update. .

thanks bmp !
bon courage !

Bang Ganteng said...

hmmm, thanks a lot for this release...

now i can play again offline

Phoenix said...

Good Work. Thanks! :)

OMG said...

Thanks for fixed of the critical error!

i post this to my blog, thx!

Phoenix said...

I wonder why BuffMePlz added the extra 1 in '0.211'. :P

Gungnir said...

your devotion is marvelous,thank you BMP.
btw,tried the v0.211,this map doesnt show on wc3,but fixed by renaming it to "v6.62b ai 0.211" (deleting the "DotA Allstars").
still no stuns from sven,and no blackhole from enigma,but "-ma" is now enabled!!yaaay!!!
@phoenix: maybe he add more "1" because he stressed out and then lost count..^0^

acegikno1 said...

He changed it to 0.211 because he made bugfixes maybe. *rolleyes*

Keep up the good work BMP. :D

Vanishing said...

map name + main version . + minor version + revision

pYe da ShI'n'0dA said...

found some bugs, as in previous v.62 AI 0.21..sometimes whenever the AI chooses the twin head dragon, the game crashed.. also, there was twice when the game ended but all the characters still moving..which is, i still can walk around, buy items etc but no creeps/heroes spawning.. hope to see them fixed soon.. and thanks for fixing the human leaver issue.. i had the same problem too in the previous version.. all the best bmp! thank u so much for all your works! :D

Antichrist said...

Thanks BMP!

Found a bug: Whenever I play with my friends on bnet against the AI, the host will experience a fatal error within the range of 2-25 mins and the rest will be disconnected.

rich said...

The AI still stucks at their base when towers are destroyed. Otherwise nothing wrong, at least I didn't notice.

Joon Kiat said...

Ai there is a problem when u rax 1 of their side.Like top. they will continue defing but when the creep are atttacking the throne the ai contiune defing at the sides but did not def the throne.

Reeza said...

thx alot bmp, one question though , why can i play it? is there any specific demand for this AI map? when i press start, it wont start..

x1_alphalapd said...

i think ur warcraft version does not only playable with happen to my 1.21 warcraft but after i upgraded it...its fine...

qqqq899 said...

God bless you for you hard work.

bastard said...

Awesome work.
Only things I've noticed have been AI issues, so no real comments till maybe the next release.

Just wanted to say, noticed you got your own thread on playdota!

Except I never bothered registering for it, so just hope you'll always keep this blog up and running parallel to whatever comes up on playdota as well. :)

Appreciate as always!

Sapphiron said...

Can't wait to see the final release...

adam said...

my friend said, your Ai is 'really Insane'

i need your 6.60ai final map...

cyber619rey said...

waaaaaaa... !!

buffmepls kindly put ur ai maps in

b'coz when i download it to other site i can't open it by my WINRAR.. b'coz it's not in the zip mode.. !!


pls help. is theres any way .. kindly say it to me pls.. thx

^ said...

Many AI problems..Just finished playing a 3rd game (-ap) with Spectre against a team of Vengeful Spirit, Bristleback, Juggernaut, Chen, and Sniper (had random AI team each time but same opponents). All 3 attempts were failures. This third time I had Nevermore (0-7), Razor (0-7), Enchantress (0-13), and Terrorblade (0-9), fyi. This time I was 0-3, although I had positive kill ratios in the first two games. The other two games the AI on my team ended up with similar scores though..

Anyway. The point is that even though you said, in your second to last post, that bugs did not include AI cheating, I find it is unfair if AI on the human players' team do not cheat. For example, while "defending" the base towers, the AI simply walk back and forth and do not attack to attract the creeps away from the towers.

Other general AI problems:
As Joon Kiat said, the AI do not defend the throne or the rax, only towers. This has been an ongoing and big problem and I'm wondering why it hasn't been fixed yet as it shouldn't be too difficult (been playing your AI maps since 6.51 AI). Another problem are the AI commands -od and -opn. While I repeatedly and frustratingly type -od, the AI will defend a side with creeps invading rather than defending the side with raxes being attacked by enemy heroes. This results in another pair of lost rax and perhaps a death for the human player for resorting to suicidal tactics. Very often I will find the AI abandoned me when I believed they were backing me up (for example they look as if they are pushing mid with me and when an enemy is encounterd I find myself alone). As for -opn, it doesn't seem to work.

Not many more general AI problems except that they don't need to shop and they also don't use the entire map (for example they don't creep the ancients or walk along the river unless ganking). Oh, and they often turn back while being chased resulting in easy kills (two or more triggers in conflict?). The same goes for when they chase another player. They don't finish the job sometimes when they could have (sometimes this happens while chasing on upward sloping terrain).

Specific AI problems:
I'll just give an example to give you an idea. Terrorblade simply sits there channeling his life drain while being whacked to death. If you test your AI, you will find many of them do disgustingly stupid things (more frustrating when the AI on your team do these stupid things). On the flip side, the AI are godlike at dodging Twin Axes, Meat Hook, and PotM arrow, making it not very fun to use Pudge and PotM in particular. This is also something that should be fixed as well, imo, because humans are not that good and the development of AI is always aimed at humanlike behavior.

All in all, my conclusion is that the AI needs a lot of work, not just on the problems I have stated above but also on others I don't care to elaborate on (non-functioning skills on AI like Black Hole..which used to function correctly, a memory leak bug where game gets slower and slower, weird items like Shiva's Guard on Azgalor, and fatal errors with some heroes like Treant and Traxex). While I do appreciate your effort, I believe many of these problems could have been addressed/fixed with little time spent.
Looking forward to your next version. I hope my feedback was of use and hope that you read all of the comments here.

Thiago said...

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