Friday, February 27, 2009

DotA Allstars 6.59 AI+ (20090227)


-Fixed a serious bug that would cause the game to crash on group creation
-Changed Lord of Avernus's model to the one introduced in 6.59
-Gave Bat Rider an air-to-air attack while flying, which should remove the bug where he would permanently gain damage upon flying down
-Removed warning message for incomplete AIs when playing Deathmatch (or new Formless Mode)

*Formless Fixes
-Formless can now learn Quill Spray, Bristleback, Warpath
-Fixed a bug with Formless not being able to reset Clockwerk's abilities


-Added new single-player mode: Formless mode (-formless, -fm), which will allow the player to play as Formless and cause the AI to cycle through heroes as they die. No limitations on duplicate heroes picked by AI (except Meepo, who has been disabled). Abilities are not lost when Formless dies, this may change in future versions. -fm can be combined with non-gamemode switches (like -fr, -st, -ne, etc.).



Co2Noss said...

Updates!! :D Downloading now!

漆黑之牙 said...


houwell said...

I can not open the site 。 to be a mirror


linfavourite said...


That Formless mode is nice, i will try it now~

WarCry.Do.Am said...

Got no problem with the link, thanks for the map.

WarCry.Do.Am said...
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WarCry.Do.Am said...

dude, i've found a bug in your v6.58b aiplus map, take a look on my blog, click here. thanks again for the maps.

Jan said...

Pls and what about ramza? When do you comlete him? in next AI map?

Sorry for this questions but i am looking forward for fully worked samurai class :-)

Alexander said...

Nice mode but a bit buggy. In my games enemy's fountain area became full of droped items and as result each bot has less than 5k total item's cost at 60+ min. Not sure if -dm games have same problem but in non -dm games item drop is rare and usually limited to consumable.

djonatan said...

Hei Buff can you look this replay?
The lifestealer have some Script he learn and use the skills!

I am the clock goblin.

Joel said...

Here's an interesting bug I just encountered: I was playing as Bastion and was killed by Axe's culling blade. After I revived, any damage I received incremented my strength. Naturally I went and tanked the enemy fountain and stocked up on DRs and a Buriza for ridiculous damage output.

I doubt the bug can be easily averted (I assume it's caused by culling blade's effect) but I thought I'd let you know anyway

Thanks for all the work you put into the AI maps, and your incremental builds are a lot of fun... despite suffering a little in terms of balance.

A Fellow Coder said...

Nice mode, well thought out.

That said perhaps you should make the randoming allow a -pe ,-pa (during the death timer) so that way the formless can get the abilities he wants :)

Also could you implement a mode to balance formless after taking some suggestions? I'd love to help you test... Is your email posted somewhere on this site? I can't find it.