Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Formless Mode!

Got bored yesterday and decided to try to implement this new single-player game mode. Provided that there is one human player (and any number of AI players), Formless mode will make the human player play as Formless, and every time an AI bot dies it gets assigned a new random hero (no limitations, so any hero is fair game and heroes can show up multiple times). Every time the player dies, Formless loses all of his abilities after he revives.

Kind of a semi-dm type deal, except that Formless is a constant. With the cycling AI players, this should significantly increase the number of combos that one will experience in a single game.

Currently only in the incremental map, which I'll post later after some fine-tuning to prevent some leaks. If it's popular enough maybe I'll pop it in the release as well. =)

Was going to post it today but I found a pretty serious bug in the mode, it'll take a while to fix and I'm a bit busy today. Guess you'll all have to be patient. =P


Co2Noss said...

Sounds like fun! I always enjoy a good -dm game, but this! Wow! Can't wait BMP! :D

Phoenix said...

Having a variety of game-modes is always nice and enjoyable. But I don't think formless mode would go very popular because people like to practice with bots as if they were playing real matches and formless would completely change the scenario.

Alexander said...

Mode looks interesting. Will it be possible to play it with 2 humans vs 5 AI?

Soul said...

Oh man u're the best AI coder.

I would like to contribute some idea and i love those fun modes like formless mode.

Call-Me-Kenneth said...

i usually did it in regular dm, but i ate all the AI "lives" real fast, and the game lasted under 20 minutes.

question: what about item builds? AI already have a lot of problems when an int hero spawn after 20 minutes of agi hero (with all the slots taken and items bought)

maybe cleaning the AI inventory on respawn and giving then gold equal to the amount gained so far.