Monday, February 1, 2010


Looking over the code, looks like Slark's Pounce, Ursa's Overpower and Visage's Summon Familiars will need to be rewritten, as they will cause conflicts with the AI script and result in WC3 crashing.

If you find a crash unrelated to any of these three heroes, let me know. I'm working on a fix for the aforementioned abilities.

-dm is still known to be unstable on the AI map. Until I figure out why it will continue to be so.


Hung said...

IMO sometime It happen when attack Roshan.

Xela said...

I confirm the crash using slark, but i don't know when and how. The crash wasn't reported in a error window, simply war3 disappears XD

AngelicWingzZ said...

Crashes is always happen when playing 5 vs 5 , Using Doom , Kladr , or Slark Sometimes


Robert said...

Great work dude.God bless buffmeplz ^^'

Rafick said...
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Rafick said...

i crashed 2 times using butcher i dono why fix it pls T.T

x1_alphalapd said...

yup...i get those crashs...just a note to others, pls do stat other heros as well, like u play 5 v 5, dun just say ur hero u using is butcher and it check that other 9 heros are not the ones that are causing it, such as AI using ursa.

xzyn said...

Fantastic work btw BuffMePlz.

Me and my friend found out that the AI map crashed 3 out of 3 games when one of us use the Raijin Thunderkeg - Storm Spirit Hero.

When the Hero reach lvl 11 about the game will crash and we are pretty sure it crashed because we use this Hero. We never used this Hero before. The game crashed in v6.64 AI version also in about same lvl and time.

liberty-ketanhijau said...

i had the 1.24d patch...but i cant play the map...the map not shown on my map folder..

help me BMP...fix it pls...or there some way to make it work???

jeremiah said...

Yeah i had crashed when AI is ursa but i crashed when rygwarl try to use fan of knives after throwing slow on ursa thats when i crashed...
there's a fatal error too my war3 1.24d...

Ian said...

I see you already know about the visage problem. I have played 3 games, all of which crashed. Visage was in each game.

It must be annoying to have to keep updating the version every time. What you are doing is quite daunting =[. Thanks for doing it anyways.

asep said...

hi BMP, today i've played against AI 5V5 with -wtf mode enabled. FYI im using Kaldr. My AI teammates are Kardel,Spectre,Lanaya,and Rooftrellen. My AI enemies are Yurnero, Akasha, Rylai, Rigwarl and Huskar.

After reached late game, the AI stop at the middle of the map, exactly behind the 1st tower, both sentinel and scourge..
and they wont listen to my command such as -ogr, -oa, etc.. they wont push unless wave of creeps bigger.. but after clearing the creep waves, they back to their position..

Hung said...

@asep: Yes, they are. I think that AI just want to make the game balance.
About crashes, I think It rarely happen, I play -nengap and It just happen 1 out of 20 or 30 games. So I just ignore that and enjoy another masterpiece from BMP.
P/S: Sorry for my bad English.

Inno said...

slark? not sure bout it. i've used him several games n nothing happened. but i think its AA who caused the problem. AA = Ancient Wadever.. cuz when im using that hero, it crashed in round 10 - 15 min after the game started. Thx btw for the AI maps.

Poh said...

I don't know why but nearly all of my games using apparition will cause a crash.

Antichrist said...

Just to clarify the nature of the crash problem:

1) What did the crash look like? Did you get an error message?

2) When you played with your friends, were you playing via LAN or on bnet?

For me, when I play the AI map on bnet with my friends, the game will disconnect anytime within 5-30 mins. My friends who are using Windows sometimes get an error message. My mac doesn't get a message at all. And WC3 doesn't shut down for me whereas it does for my friends.

And I noticed that this problem only came about ever since Bnet was updated to v1.24 (yes it was some time ago). Incidentally it coincided with the release of the latest AI map then and has persisted until now.

Not sure if this is a valid problem but I figure every little bit of information helps

PS: It doesn't matter what heroes we use. It always crashed.

Geoff said...

Like Poh mine seems to crash predominantly when using Apparition. I have used Slark in 6 games now without a crash, have used Apparition twice and got a crash both times about 30 mins into the match. I cannot really say what caused it, however it seemed to happen during big team clashes when many skills are being used and I try and use his Ulti. Brief 0.5 second pause and crash. Oh as an aside I have only been using both hereoes as Alliance thusfar. Though that should not make any difference I wouldn't think.
Also to liberty-ketanhijau try renaming the file. Sometimes if the filename is too long it will not show up in mine either. No idea why, but i just rename the map to DOTA6.66bAI.w3x for example and it shows up

Kierunek said...

I think that treant protector crash too. But don't know how :D Always when I play this hero ... game crashed.

Corey said...

Yes AA has also crashed my game twice I believe. It reminds me of when Wind Walker was first introduced into ai and would crash always. I've had no problems with Slark.

Kamil said...

I'm checking through the error folder, and indeed, most of the games that crashed had an AI Ursa or Visage in .214

There was a single crash that didn't had any of them:
Program: d:\warcraft iii\war3.exe
Exception: 0xC0000005 (ACCESS_VIOLATION) at 001B:6F40C140

The instruction at '0x6F40C140' referenced memory at '0x0000003C'.
The memory could not be 'read'.

Sentinel: Me(Pugna) AI's: Broodmother, Shadow Shaman,Priestess of the Moon, Tinker

Scourge AI's : Furion, Nerubian Assasin, Butcher, Sven, Magina.

Thanks for the awesome map.

Paul said...

I have a Macbook Pro. When I host with multiple Macs. The macs will all drop. Even over bnet when I host it will drop the macs not just over the lan part. It never did this with 6.59... wondering what you have changed in the latest one to cause it to do this.

Stalker said...

I have 2 games which crashed without using any of these mentioned heroes.
1 game in 6.64 and the other in 6.66b.

Dark Seer

Ogre Magi


Ogre Magi

so i think Ogre Magi could crash too.
I also read, that Slark might crash. I dont think so because we played a lot games with Slark without a crash.

btw Ty for your good work BMP, go on like this ;)

Stalker said...
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Juhari said...

Warcraft III (build 6387)

Exe: c:\warcraft iii\war3.exe
Time: Mar 18, 2010 3:01:24.174 PM
User: ASUS
Computer: ASUS-PC

This application has encountered a critical error:


Program: c:\warcraft iii\war3.exe
Exception: 0xC0000005 (ACCESS_VIOLATION) at 001B:6F40C200

The instruction at '0x6F40C200' referenced memory at '0x0000003C'.
The memory could not be 'read'.

Juhari said...

To dear fellow to check an error report of dota go to
c:\program files\warcraft\error

or manually open it
go to my computer
choose c:\
choose program files
choose warcraft folder
then open error folder