Wednesday, October 14, 2009

List of abilities that AI don't use correctly/at all

With a host of new abilities and rewrites, many abilities that previously worked with the script either aren't used properly or aren't used at all. Some abilities (like Epicenter after Burrowstrike) worked in previous versions due to hacks that I put in that I've since removed during refactoring.

If you see something that's not working and isn't on this list, let me know, I'll try to keep this updated and address these when I have time (I probably missed several). Please keep in mind that I have a real life and a real job and both take priority over this, so progress might not be as fast as you'd like, but I'll have to ask for your patience.


-Warcry (new ability)

-Devour (rewritten a while ago)

-Infest (I don't even know how to properly use this, haha)

-Electric Vortex (I think there's a problem with this ability when used by AI)
-Ball Lightning

-Decay (spams this and sometimes gets lucky)
-Soul Rip (not working anymore? I haven't changed this and the ability should be the same but I never see him using it)

-Windrunner (ironically)
-Focus Fire

-Sticky Napalm (spams this and sometimes gets lucky)
-Flaming Lasso (uses this randomly)

-Battery Assault
-Power Cog

-X Marks the Spot
-Ghost Ship

-All active abilities

Tauren Chieftain
-All active abilities

-All abilities, invoked or otherwise


JC said...

Thanks BMP!

MaktorTheSentinel said...

Infest can be usd for tricky thins, but AI isnt capable of it...Instead, code it to be the same as "Death Pact", AI will just absorb someone when he is low life...

OMG said...

Latest news of DotA, Garena, and Hacks.

Yeah take your time, Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

acegikno1 said...

You, you should probably treat it like Death Pact. The only way in which is doesn't operate the same as Death Pact is that you don't want to jump out of the infested unit if you're surrounded by enemy heroes, and I'm not sure if you can easily code that. Also it can't target enemies at level 1.

Also for Flaming Lasso it is best if he uses it in conjunction with Firefly and drags the target towards his nearest allies over the duration. So get him to use Firefly immediately after using Lasso if it's not on cooldown.

I assume anything without a caption next to it is just something you haven't bothered looking at yet? Because I expect Tombstone would work best with an Echoslam-like locating formula.

Antichrist said...

With Batrider, I've never seen him Lasso a hero. He always uses it on a creep and does not even drag it.

And I've also noticed that whenever Nerubian Assassin teleports to a friendly creep, he will immediately use Dagon on an enemy creep even if an enemy hero is there.

janssen said...

well not really correctly here but some int heroes keep using their mana until empty. empty=easy kill

not really on ai abilities but on movement. when putting some ai on sentinel and put only middle command, they tend to stay away from the creeps until they cant get any exp.

pythagorous2002 said...

Thanks for your hard work BMP

MaktorTheSentinel said...

acegikno1, what i'm saying is to REALLY use it like death pact, i mean, the AI will stay inside the creep for like 0.001 seconds lol. and about not using in enemies and stuff, thats easily codeable...


also, other thing BMP, i always wanted to say, it would be nice to make some heroes to CHOOSE to go to middle lane...because, sometimes, heroes like rhasta, earlock, go to other lanes and a hero like TINY goes to middle, what sounds ridiculous...

Overander said...

Well, another ability that the AI doesn't use: Pudge -> Hook

MaktorTheSentinel said...

AI uses pudge hook, a lot, if you look carefully...

he just doesnt gank as a normal pudge player =P

jy said...

Thanks a lot BMP for your work :D

There's something else - AI Soul Keeper will channel Soul Steal on enemies without caring whether he's being attacked or not.

Perhaps you can tell SK to stop channeling when he takes player-based damage. But I suppose you have a better idea :P

Misfortune said...


Doesn't use Unstable Concoction

Lewis said...

AI doesn't use the item - Shiva Guard.

Misfortune said...

AI uses Shiva's Guard, one of them is Fairy Dragon/Puck

bastard said...

I've seen Alchemist use unstable concoction. Pretty well too.

vtvtvt said...

Here is my opinio about some chars:
-Invoker: U can choose 3 of all his skills nd make a AI for it. It wont be that good but at least he wont be a useless char anymore.
-Admiral: U can make a combo with his skills. U start with X Mark nd since this is a bot, u put the right time to unleashe the ship and/or the waterblast right in the x mark.
-Windrunner: powershot is the same as mirana's arrow. focus fire is a damage ultimate skill like any other, for ex lion nd lina.
-Clockwerk: u can combo first hook nd the the bombs.

newdigitz said...

thanks for all your work BMP...

newdigitz said...

i noticed that some of AI heroes are not using certain skill that they have... like Naga Siren, Tauren Chieftain & Kunkka not using their Ulti's, Undying not using Tombstone, Enigma not using Demonic Conversion. Hope BMP will fix it soon...